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Stress Factures were already Present Before Conor Began his Fight against Dustin

Conor McGregor said that he participated in the mixed martial arts trilogy against Dustin Boyle last weekend and had “multiple stress fractures” in his left leg, the leg that broke in the last few seconds of the first round. In the UFC 264 game in Las Vegas on Saturday, McGregor (22-6) lost to Poirier. The official result was the loss of TKO at the end of the first round because a doctor was arrested. McGregor broke his left calf after throwing a punch late in the round. On Thursday, McGregor posted a video on social media in which he claimed that this leg had been damaged during the battle. Injured before the fight,” McGregor said on Instagram.” People asked me, “When did you break your leg? When did you break your leg?” asked Dana White. Ask UFC. Ask Dr. [Jeff] Davidson, Chief Physician of UFC. When he entered that cage, they knew that his leg had a stress fracture. He argued to get it out. “PICKSMMA British pound vs. British pound ranking: a high-profile victory gave Dustin Poirier a higher position in the top 101dUFC 264 real or non-male: Connor McGregor the old is gone forever; Dustin Poirier is the best lightweight 3dESPNKhabib: McGregor Ge “completed”; UFC should advance Okamoto 2dBrett UFC did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and the Nevada State Sports Commission, which oversees the game, did not comment on the matter.

Over the past few days, many people have speculated when the injury occurred. Poirier improved his record to 2-1 against McGregor. He said he thought McGregor injured his leg when he played in the early game. McGregor landed with a kick, Boyrill even pointed to his leg. Earlier this week, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh claimed that McGregor had an ankle injury and participated in the game. McGregor, 33, and his team said that he successfully underwent surgery on his leg on Sunday to repair fractures of the tibia and fibula. McGregor added via social media, “With crutches for six weeks, we will rebuild.” The UFC star detailed the details of the operation in his recent post. “I basically got what I needed to get there,” McGregor said. “I need to treat my leg. I need to treat my ankle.

He needs to be treated for acne. Unless something like this happens, I will never agree to the knife. “So this happened, got what I needed, what I needed was a titanium calf. Now, I have a titanium rod from knee to ankle, and the doctor says it is unbreakable.” Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva underwent the same operation in 2013 and broke his leg in the championship battle with Chris Weidman. More than a year later, Silva recovered from injury and played seven more games in the UFC. He was 38 years old when he was injured. McGregor swears that his competition with Poirier is not over yet, and White immediately expressed interest in finally having a fourth battle between the two.

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