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Italy Qualify for the Finals of the Euro

London-this is the thing about football games. Because of what you have shown throughout the tournament, you deserve to be in the finals. And if you are controlled by your opponent in the semifinals, you don’t deserve to be in the finals. Yes, both can be true. “We have never played such a good team, which made us suffer so much,” the defender said. Leonardo Bonucci said after winning 4-2 in a penalty shootout in Italy. “They dominate us; they are a great team with great coaches.” In the semi-final at Wembley on Tuesday night, the Italian team was not beaten by the Spanish team for a long time. In fact, so far, we have rarely seen what makes them a feature team for the 2020 European Cup. This has to remind you of Italy before the final. -Olley: Morata embodies the game in Spain-Euro 2020 on ESPN: Live match, replay (USA)-European Football Picks’Em: Competition to win $10,000 for Italy Head coach Roberto Mancini (Roberto Mancini) Just to figure out how much is due to Spain’s outstanding performance and how much is due to Italy’s weaknesses. Spain is a nightmare for the Azzurri and they are unlikely to face it again. The most surprising difference occurred in the middle of the park. The Spanish team bypassed the Italian team. 

At this point, the Italian team controlled the ball and rhythm in most of its opponents’ games. The pressure of fast-paced aggression doesn’t help much either. When he made a mistake in the last three-pointer, there was not enough final product, probably because it was difficult to keep sharp when you chased the ball in the last five minutes. Therefore, when they create opportunities, as Nicolo Barella proved, it takes an age to unsuccessfully shoot with Unai Simon going off the line or Emerson cutting the crossbar. This is often a confusion of mind. Mancini himself realized this after the game: Spain is an excellent team. We try to match them in the midfield, but they are the masters of the ball game. 

“Luis Enrique decided not to start a traditional center like Alvaro Morata, but chose a smooth and fast trio (Danny Olmo, Ferran Torres, and Mikel) Oyarzabal) only likes to face opponents one-on-one, which makes the Azzurri confused for most of the game. When they lead, they reverse the game. Obviously, if they want to hold on and continue, they will Have to go back in time to play the football that the Italian team is famous for, but Mancini rejected this football after taking office. Pressure, defense, and counterattack, blocking the passing route and frustrating the opponent, the conversion to Spain are not high. 

Others have achieved good results in matches against Spain-such as Sweden and Poland in the group stage-and have rough and battle-tested warriors in the group stage. Let’s do it again. Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini in these situations The download is very comfortable: they love them, as evidenced by Chiellini’s toothy smile and his humorous jokes with Jordi Alba.

The problem is, that’s it. These two people like trench battles, small spaces, and brave and deep stands. No one else did this. In fact, they don’t even like this, anyway, the teammates around them don’t like it. Bonucci said after the game: “After we scored, they pushed us back, a long time ago.” “They created two great opportunities because we were too deep. Part of the reason was our fault, maybe; Part of the reason is that they are great.” 

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