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After a Brilliant 5th Game, Kevin Durant Sees Himself Amongst the Legends of the Game!

Enter Milwaukee – Pantheon. This is not a problem either. A day later, Kevin Durant did not tell fans, coaches, and teammates about what he did on Tuesday night. How many? Even Janice Adetokumpo, who has the best (and least desirable) view of Durrant’s masterpieces, makes bold claims that are surprising but hard to refute. With 17 rebounds and 10 assists, Opus Magnum is currently the “best player in the world.”

From the top 5 in this category, this says something. But there are some bold basketball names lined up in a row, and their compliments against each other are recorded on Twitter. Magic Johnson: “Kevin Durant gave us a show at Mount Rushmore tonight!”

As with Durant, great history saved him in the Eastern semi-finals. The Knicks and Baltimore have tied their two games, but the ball is gaining momentum with two straight wins. Then select Reed 36 and 36 (10 to maintain the West Unseld Player of the Year title). The Knicks held out in the seventh round. “Willis kicked me out,” Ansel said later. “He’s cool.”

Taking into account the life-and-death nature of this game, and the fact that the Knicks have not won the championship in the first 25 years, considering Reid’s hip injury, the Knicks still maintain the first position. it should. Clyde was not only brave but also very mysterious that night.

“I need a beer,” Fraser later wrote. Do not worry about that. After May 8, 1970, Fraser no longer had to buy beer or food in the border triangle. Kentucky finished 24 games better than the Nets in 1968/16. But the Nets already had fabulous dust on their way to their first ABA final, as did Barry, who already knew he would be returning to San Francisco at the end of the season. It was the first game of the Eastern Finals, and it created a timeless atmosphere. “I don’t think anyone could have done it better,” said Nets manager Lou Carnes. “Shintoism”

The people at Nassau Stadium didn’t even know that this was Dr. J’s swan song as Net; they were busy celebrating Doc’s second ABA title in three years on Long Island. The situation has never been better before or after, and his teammate Bill Melcioni exclaimed: “He can do whatever he wants on the basketball court. Literally anything.”

Ishiya attempted to steal a decisive game from the 5th East Quarter with the King’s Thunder, scoring 16 points in the last 90 seconds of regular time before the Knicks survived into overtime. In the spring of 1984, this was part of Bernard’s deaf career. Soon, the last Celtics champions will be scared too.

Ewing had a lot of playoff moments, but this may be their best game, in the fourth game of the first-round series, they defeated the Celtics 3-2 after losing the first two games. . It also gave Boston Hall of Fame member Robert Parish 10 points. There is no doubt that this is the best former Riley performance of his career.

The Kid has other better number games, but they didn’t have them before. The Nets were on the brink of disaster when Reggie Miller hit 3ft off time to get extra time. The kid hasn’t killed a decent 5 games and looks like he’s going to play 15 rounds with Ali.

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