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Israel’s Young People Are Not Willing To Go Back To Work!!

The COVID-19 safety net is working too well for young people, the Employment Service reported Sunday. Despite the nationwide unemployment rate falling to 8.9% in the second half of March, the percentage of young people returning to work is barely moving, it announced in a press release. The unemployment rate throughout the outbreak averaged about 16%.

As the economy re-opens due to the success of the vaccination campaign, businesses are looking to hire in record numbers. But there is a shortage of people engrossed in working. Israel had a record 112,500 openings available in March, the highest-ever recorded figure, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported last week. People under the age of 34 comprised 47.4% of all inactive workers in March, similar to February. This was despite a huge spike in job openings during March in fields where young people are overrepresented, including hotels, restaurants, and entertainment industries.

The enlargement of unemployment benefits until the end of June has converted them from a safety net, saving hundreds of thousands of job seekers and employers from collapsing, into a “barrier” that blocks workers from returning to jobs, Mr. Rami Garner told in a statement.

To encourage the arrival of young people including other low-wage earners back to work, unemployment benefits from July must be designated in a shorter and more differentiated way, according to age & marital state, at decreasing monthly rates, the bureau told in the statement. The service stated that – payments must be trained on active job-seeking efforts and participation in skills-training courses.

Because these young workers haven’t turned to work, the number of open jobs in the areas they work in has risen in the previous months: from Dec to March the demand for kitchen staff has grown to 36%, the data displays; for servers and barmen has risen to 208% as well as for cooks to 218%.

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