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Spotify Car Thing Seems Unnecessary!! 

Spotify initiated its Car Thing gadget for automobiles in a confined release Tuesday, making it possible at first by appeal to a certain select number of its paid Premium subscribers in the United States. Furthermore, temporarily it’s free. Those who get one of these devices make it easier for drivers to hear Spotify on their cars’ sound system to steer the streaming service’s library and pay only for the items’ shipping cost, thanks to a special promotion. Spotify stated Car Thing’s local price would otherwise be around $80. For now, the debate for the Car Thing’s significance is a controversial point as Spotify is giving it away to Premium users. Also, it is on a limited release and on an invite-only basis, which implies it’s apparently in its beta phase. 

The setup looks easy enough. When you place the Car Thing where you want it in the Car, you catch it up to 12V power. Using Bluetooth, we connect our phone to Car Thing. Finally, connect the phone to your car stereo through Bluetooth, USB cable, or AUX. Once it’s set up, we can control Spotify playback by Car Thing and speak to Car Thing with its built-in microphones. It would not define the scope of Car Thing’s initial supply nor settle whether more Car Things would become available later. “Our focus is on this limited release,” a Spotify spokeswoman stated. “We’ll share more news about plans as they become available.”

The scant track record in hardware and Spotify refers to it simply as Car Thing during its development, making the product look like it may amount to nothing more than vaporware. This product is just taking up space; I feel as we can directly connect it to the phone, too, but it’s giving me a sweet minor Spotify player that looks cool. 

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