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Anti-rabies Shots

Three Women were Allegedly given Anti-rabies Shots in UP!!

Three women were allegedly given anti-rabies shots instead of a coronavirus vaccine when they went to get themselves vaccinated at a community health center in the Shamli district of UP this Thursday.

70-year-old Saroj has started feeling dizzy and nervous after receiving the dose where she thought it was her first Covid vaccine dose. When her family took her to a private hospital because of the discomfort, the doctors stated that her vaccination prescription had anti-rabies. It was then found that two other women, 72-year-old Anarkali and 62-year-old Satyavati, had precisely the same prescriptions.


According to CMO Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, anti-rabies shots and coronavirus vaccines were conducted on two separate health center floors.
District Magistrate Jasjit Kaur stated that – “An examination was ordered seeing the incident. The report declared the three women had gone to the health center to get the COVID vaccine. But instead of going to that vaccination center on the initial floor, they went to the general OPD. The pharmacist on duty had left briefly for some essential work and assigned his work of administering the anti-rabies vaccine to a new member who works as a pharmacist of the Jan Aushadhi Kendra. He injected the three women with the anti-rabies vaccine without checking any specified papers.”

Cases in Uttar Pradesh

In the last 24 hours, Uttar Pradesh recorded 9,646 new cases, with capital Lucknow reporting 2,934 cases along with 14+ deaths. A complaint has been filed. The chief medical officer pushed an inquiry into the incident is underway connected with that incident.
DM then said the investigation would be done soon by an additional chief medical officer, and also a sub-divisional magistrate will be involved.

A pharmacist of the Kandla Community Health Centre’s outpatient department, where the anti-rabies shots have been given, was suspended this Friday. In contrast, another pharmacist was dismissed, said, officials. The facility’s medical superintendent received a severe warning.

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