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Moby Doc Charts The Highs and Lows of the Musicians!!

Moby – a unique character. He is a punk rocker, a man who once, shortly faced legendary band Flipper, but became a household name with his e-music. He is a man who has issued two memoirs but yet admires reclusive artists. He’s friends with David Lynch & was close to David Bowie. He references Thomas Pynchon and Werner Herzog. He has seen a bunch of music documentaries.

The musician Richard Melville Hall well-known as Moby was at the top of his popularity between 1999 and 2002 when his groundbreaking electronica albums “18” and “Play” sold millions, spawning hits that were licensed freely to films, TV programs, and commercials. Moby’s sales have fallen off since then but he is continued to follow his quirky talent; and as he’s moved into his 50s he has started reflecting on his past, writing a memoir, and even re-recording some old songs with new arrangements for his new album, “Reprise.”

This is all one part of the context for “Moby Doc,” a biographical movie directed & edited by Rob Gordon Bralver, and comprehended and written by Bralver along with Moby. The DJ as well as the composer narrate his own story while also participating in the playful animated interludes and surreal reenactments intended to connect the archival footage, producing a larger commentary on the perils of massive fame.

All those seeking details about Moby’s inspirations & process when recording “Play” has come to the illegal film. He does not spend a lot of time on his actual work here. Rather, he speaks about how a level-jump in fame & fortune left him feeling spiritually empty & paranoid, and how he recovered by communing with nature & becoming a tireless activist for animal rights. The 55-year-old artist appeared on “Salon Talks” recently to discuss animal rights, aging, and the pleasures of his “boring” life in sobriety.

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