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Shiny Pikachu

Find Out, Here are the Phases of Shiny Pikachu’s Costumed with Limited Availability!!!


It is said that catching a shiny Pikachu in pokemon go is very rare to encounter. Just like every other shiny variant of the game Pokemon go, catching a shiny Pikachu is also very rare, and to our surprise, there is no single way to obtain them. The Pokemon go game was Game freak. As published by the Pokemon Nintendo switch, these versions’ gameplay is easily approachable for those who are new to this game and have never played the Pokemon go series before. All Shiny costumed Pokémon are rare because of their limited availability. The exciting part is this Detective Pikachu is so rare that only a few trainers have provided evidence that it exists. You will be amazed to see the evidence as it is very exclusive. The trainers who got it received it either pure luck or not to mention by exploiting a glitch. As of now, Pikachu is available in its shiny form, which deep golden. Some may say that this one is very subtle and might not like it much but believe us; it will be your golden opportunity just like its color.

Stats of Shiny Pikachu

Attack- 112

Defense- 96


Max CP

  • Level 15

Research encounter- 402

  • Level 20

Max hatched/ raid- 536

  • Level- 30

Max wild- 804

  • Level- 40


Max CP with whether the boost

  • Level- 25(raids)- 670
  • Level-35( wild)-871

Max HP

  • Level 40 – 99


  • Height – 0.4 m
  • Weight – 6 kg


  • Base capture rate – 20%
  • Base flee rate – 10%
  • Buddy walk distance – 1 km

Tips for getting a shiny Pikachu

The most advisable tip we get is not just going for the shiny one; get out there and catch as many Pikachus you can because the Pikachu is the most common and usable Pokemon in the entire game. The tasks assigned in level 47 are the most difficult ones, so you will require the Pikachu to catch as many as you can and not mention that you see them precisely spotlight hour. The spotlight bonus has many benefits of its own. 

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