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35% Price Slashed on Popular E-Readers by Kindle

If you were unable to buy an e-reader on Prime Day last month, Amazon has separate promotions on its basic Kindle and Paperwhite models, allowing you to buy them at roughly the same price. The biggest discount is the Kindle Paperwhite (advertising support), which is Amazon’s waterproof e-reader with better screen contrast. You can now buy the 8GB model for US$85 (35% lower than the normal price of US$130) or US$105, saving US$55 or 34%. Buy Kindle Paperwhite 8GB on Amazon-US$85 Buy Kindle Paperwhite 32GB on Amazon-US$105 The latest Paperwhite is IPX8, so it can withstand immersion in up to 2 meters of water for one hour, making it a bathtub or beach Stress to read. We also pointed out in the review that it has a better contrast screen than the previous model and offers Audible and Bluetooth compatibility.

The disadvantage is the lack of MP3 and text-to-speech support, as well as the high price tag, but this sale took away some of the latter’s things. Amazon offers up to a 35% discount for its Kindle e-reader. If it is the standard Kindle you are after (above), we also have good news. The price of the regular version with support ads is $60, which is $30 lower than the regular price of $90. If your child needs one, you can buy the Kindle Kids Edition for $70, saving 36% or $40. Buy Kindle on Amazon-$60 Buy Kindle Kids Edition on Amazon-$70 The latest Kindle models offer a lot of things at this price, including an LED light-emitting display, weeks of reading time, and a touch interface.

The children’s version adds some benefits, such as one of the four colorful protective cases, a two-year worry-free warranty, and one year of free use of the company’s FreeTime Unlimited service. Unlike Paperwhite, Kindle is not waterproof and offers a lower density 167ppi (instead of 300ppi) display. However, if you are not picky about these things, you can invest the extra money saved in your library.

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