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Fix Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Analogue Drift with This Simple Method

If you are one of the thousands of gamers affected by Joy-Con drift, the analog stick on the Nintendo Switch controller will record movement even if it is not touched, and you are frustrated that Nintendo does not display Up. With a permanent solution, the solution may be as simple as a small millimeter thick paper. It has been four years since the Switch was first released, and even devices purchased in the past year have begun to experience problems called Joy-Con drift. It is not clear why Nintendo did not determine the source of the problem and permanently repair the hardware (many people who sent Joy-Con to Nintendo for repairs reported that the drift problem returned after a few months), but the company is now facing multiple incidents Class action. Due to long-standing problems all over the world.

There are many theories about the cause of Joy-Con drift, but the most common is that dust and dirt will enter the joystick mechanism, accumulate and prevent the tiny metal contacts from contacting. Record the graphite pad that simulates the movement of the rocker. Opening the Joy-Con and cleaning these contacts can repair the drift, just like occasionally injecting compressed air into the controller, but the repair is usually only temporary, and most of the time the Joy-Con drift will recover. They found the YouTube channel “VK’s Channel”, so they decided to dig deeper and watch endless Joy-Con repair and cleaning videos, as well as videos of joysticks used in other devices such as portable PSPs and PS Vitas under repair. Finally, they identified the second problem that caused Joy-Con to drift: Over time, the metal clamps holding all the joystick components together loosened, creating a gap between the aforementioned metal contacts and the graphite pad, thereby reducing Contact and cause unstable behavior. Super Mario 64 cartridges sold for a record price of 1.56 million U.S. dollars Qualcomm has just released the $1,500 smartphone Plush Butts for some reason, Star Wars aliens and Star Trek soldiers lead the best toys of the week.

Just squeezed the center of Joy-Con applied pressure and compressed the joystick assembly to ensure firm contact between the internal components again, and the drift problem miraculously disappeared. As a more durable solution, Victorstk simply inserted a sheet of thin paper about one millimeter thick into the Joy-Con. The paper recompresses all the components of the joystick. Surprisingly, after two months, Joy-Con, which often has drift problems, worked very well, Victorstk said. The Google CEO still insists that the AI ‚Äč‚Äčrevolution is greater than the invention of fire. Is this a solution for everyone? Hard to say. If the accumulation of dust and dirt on the internal contacts of the Joy-Con is the cause of the problem, no amount of extra pressure can prevent the particles from entering. But it looks like Victorstk is doing something. If more Switch users find that this simple hack fixes the Joy-Con drift problem, then we may finally have a permanent fix, which Nintendo will implement on future hardware. Insignificant.

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