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Lana Michele Moorer

How Much Is Michele Moorer Worth aka MC Lyte Off?

Lana Michele Moorer was born in the year 1970 on the date 11 of October, MC Lyte is her stage name which was given to her by herself only and now she is popularly known by this name only. MC is an American rapper, a DJ, a Grammy award nominee, and an entrepreneur. Lyte started to gain her fame from the end of the year 1980 as she released her first album which was also the first-ever album released by a woman across the world.

Quick facts about MC Lyte to know her more

Michele Moorer

Birth name- Lana Michele Moorer

Born- 11 October 1970

Genre-  hip-hop

Occupation- Emcee-songwriter, model, actress, motivational speaker, DJ, voiceover talent, narrator, mentor

Active years- 1987- present

Associated acts- Audio two, Grand Puba, Lil mama

The early life of Lana Michele Moorer

Lana Michele Moorer was born and brought up in the city of Brooklyn,  America. She was so passionate about this that she began rapping at the age of 12 only. Most people might not know that but Mc Lyte’s original stage name was Sparkle. Her first track took whole two years to release but she started recording it at the age of 14 only.

MC lyte


What about Personal life?

Talking of her personal life, she started dating marine corps who is an entrepreneur, they found each other on at the beginning of the year 2016. The couple announced their engagement in the year 2017 in May, and then in August of the same year, both of them got married and started their journey of married life in Jamaica. After that, a small family gathering took place which was organized by them where only close relatives and friends were invited. However in August of the year 2020, she filed divorce against her husband, this happened exactly after 3 years of their marriage.

MC Lyte’s net worth

Mc Lyte’s net worth is $8 million. She was enabled to accumulate this net worth through her very famous and successful career as a songwriter and a rapper. Plus she appeared in some television shows as herself and in some films too. And as told before she was the first woman to release an album and however she also received nods and criticism for that but looks like that didn’t stop her.

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