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Power rangers megazord- how many combinations it has?

The megazord, which is also referred to as dino megazord or mighty morphin megazord or the original megazord. It is actually a combination of about five dinnozords namely- tyrannosaurus, mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Pterodactyl. This megazord is the very first one to be features in the power ranger’s series.

History of the power rangers megazord

The mighty morphin power ranger received the power of the dinozord as the part of its own powerset in the very beginning only. Throughout their battles with the Rita Repulsa, the Dinozords would be summoned to the Rangers’ side and whenever she made her monsters grow, they will often use their combined Megazord form to destroy them. New formations for the Dinozords were enabled as the Dragonzord and Titanus joined the Rangers’ side, such as the Mega Dragonzord and the Ultrazord.


The dinozords are the very first zords of the original might morphin of the power rangers. Although being the first ones in the chronology, they may put other zords formation before another else’.

Tyrannosaurus dinozord

The red ranger which is the Jason lee scott, piloted the tyrannosaurus dinozord first. Forming the head and he torso too, the tyrannosaurus was the mightiest of all the other dinozords. When it could use its tail and its weapon on its own, it sometimes acted all alone in the battle. It can also roar very strongly.

Mastodon dinozord

The black ranger which is zack taylor pointed the masatdon dinozord for the very first time. The body of the mastodon formed the back and the arms of the megazord. The head of the mastodon could be easily used as a shield in the battle field. The hiding place of the mastodon was in the very deep arctics.

Triceratops dinozord

The blue ranger which is billy Cranston piloted the triceratops dinozord for the first time. It could easily shoot a laser shot just from its left leg. While not in use, the triceratops would stay in the desert. The remains were made into the triceratops unicorns when it was all destroyed. This all added to the blue ranger in its own new and blue form on the battle field.

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