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13 reasons why: what is the season 4 about?

Thirteen reasons why it is a Netflix original series. The series had been filled with traumatic events in it. In the very first season of the show, the main character Hannah Baker played by actress Katherine Langford takes her own life in her high school years while leaving a stack full of tapes recorded in her voice.

In those tapes, she registered her reasons for why she took that big step. The stories that she documents on those 13 tapes are filled with several traumatic events like rape, cyberbullying, and many more horrible events. But the graphic depiction of Hannah’s suicide was the traumatic event that generated the most criticism: Psychologists warned that it could inspire copycat attempts, and earlier this year, a study confirmed a spike in teen suicides in the month after the show premiered.

Season 4

However, Netflix edited and replaced the scene in 2019. Even when the series is started, a warning has been shown on the Netflix platform about the psychological issues.

Despite all these traumatic events and criticisms, the first season received immense love, and the audience surprisingly liked watching the show. The first and second seasons of the show are based on the suicide of Hannah Baker only, while the third season is more like a murder mystery. In the third season, the main negative character of the show: Bryce Walker, is murdered. The season is all about who killed Bryce. And it gets to the end, where the audience gets to know that every character knew about Bryce’s death and who killed him.

The last and final season of the show, season 4

In season 4, Monty, who has been falsely accused of having Bryce walker killed in the previous season, gets murdered in jail. Now the season revolves around the mystery that who killed Monty and why? Although Monty had been shown during the last with some severe crimes like bullying his classmates, the fact is, he gets what he deserved as he was behind bars for a false accusation of murder. But the question remains the same that who killed Monty and why?

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