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Is There A Season Renewal For Hwarang?

Hwarang: the poet warrior youth is a television-based series in South Korea. The show revolves around an elite group of young men who calls themselves Hwarang. These mean are full of passion, love, and friendship too. The series broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday of every week at 22:00 KST starting from the date 19 December of the year 2016, and the show concluded on February 17 of the following year, 2017.

Although it was fully pre-produced with an ensemble cast, the series underperformed commercially and averaged a single-digit audience rating of 8.4% in its run. The show was noted for its star-studded cast, including industry veterans, such as Sung Dong II, and popular young actors, such as Park Seo-joon, Go Ara, and Park Hyung-sik, The model, was praised for their performances. The show garnered multiple acting award nominations.


The show had a total of episodes of 20. As the show received immense love from the audience worldwide and huge ratings too, the show’s cast at the end thanked their audience for their passion and revealed that they might be viewed again in the next season of Hwarang. This gave the fans great relief as they are keenly waiting for the season’s renewal.

Not just the audience loved them, the cast itself got a great bond and said they had a great time working together and made some excellent friends. They also mentioned that how close they are to each other. The other actor, the Heir, talked about the release of season 2 too.

Although he did not get to say much about the season’s renewal, he did mention that he might be back in the next season with a much greater personality and a better character.

The show was when aired on television was broadcast on the kbst channel in South Korea, and now the show is also available on the platform of Netflix in some more regions too to watch for the fans, as the show got great fan base not just in the home country but everywhere else too.

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