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When Will The Guardians of Galaxy Volume 3 Release?

The movie Guardians of galaxy volume 3 is more likely to remain in a still position for about two more years, but one thing is for sure that it will come for its release. However, it was initially believed that volume 3 of the movie would be with us by this year only, but a lot was going on behind the scenes, to our amazement. There was firing and also re-hiring of the writer and director of the movie named James Gunn. The movie’s delays are faced because Gunn went off to make the suicide squad for the DC production studios, but the boss of Marvel studios did comfort their fans with the confirmation of volume 3 of the movie. But the question here is, when can the fans expect the release of volume 3?


Right now, we don’t have an actual release date, but Gunn confirmed that the movie wouldn’t be in cinemas “until a little after 2021”. Gunn also responded to reports that filming would start in February 2021 by saying they were “not & was never accurate.” However, he has reassured fans that the movie hasn’t been delayed from the current Marvel plans. Disney has some of the release date slots left for the ‘untitled marvel’ movie. These slots are October 7 of the year 2022, February 17 of the year 2023, May 5 of the year 2023 again, July 28 of 2023, or November 3 of 2023. Speaking of what we think, our best assumption is the slot of July 28 of the year 2023 as it fits with the other two of the Disney movies too. But again, it all depends on when does the filming begins of volume 3.

After the movie Avengers Endgame, there has been a lot that has changed in the whole marvel universe. Talking of guardians of the galaxy, the Gamora is alive again in the MCU theatres. The Gamora is from the 2014 version, which means that she does not have a history with the rest of the guardians. Thus, we are only left with the option of waiting for any update or announcement from the marvel universe, so let’s wait and watch.


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