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Will there be a season 2 of no game no life??

No game no life is one of the most popular fun of isekai’s anime series. The series has great art and animation in it. After the release of the series’ first season, fans are waiting for the next season. After receiving immense love and positive feedback from the first season, fans are now more excited to know updates about the next one. People have been making guesses about the plot and storyline of no game no life season 2. The first season was broadcasted in 2014 worldwide and, just after the release, got amazing ratings and gained so much popularity.

Talking about the first season, as the name itself explains, the series is all about gaming to keep one’s life keep going on. A pair of siblings named sora and Shiro is shown as someone unite to become the greatest gaming team in the whole world. They name their team as the blank. They are shown as so pro at gaming that even god surrenders in front of them. And as a result, they are then sent to a whole different and new world where they come across more gamers. The anime theme is packed with all the adventures and some comedy, too, and is still discussed among anime lovers. Their fans still miss watching the siblings play games and win on the screen.

Season 2 release date

As said before, the series has some comedy in it too and is not very intense. If you are into chess or love watching it, you will love Shiro’s character as he has the best strategies to win the game. Despite all the love and ratings the series has received, there is still no announcement made to release the second season of no game, no life. After six long years, it is quite difficult to hope for the sequel now. And that too after the covid-19 pandemic. But let’s not lose all our hopes. It is better to wait for the upcoming release or any update about the no-game no life season 2.

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